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"Imagine, Design, Create!"

Creating and selling contemporary fused glass; glassimagination.com is an E-Commerce retail service. Retailing unique glassware, fused-glass jewellery and accessories. Glass Imagination also offers versatile bespoke services.

All products are hand crafted and provide the customer with beautiful glass items offering individual designs that cannot be re-created because of the kilnforming process used. 

The Designer

Glass Imagination is the creative work of one single designer and maker Heather Hamilton.

Designer Heather Hamilton

“Having just completed my degree in Illustration BA (Hons) at the University of Portsmouth 2012 I had the chance to experience the fantastic craft of glass making and decided to launch my passion as a business. I enjoy all areas of design and try to keep my designs modern, creative and unique.”


Glass Imagination products are created using the process of kilnforming, a process known as 'warm' glass. Warm Glass fusing is the a process inbetween the high temperatures of glass blowing 'hot' glass and stained glass 'cold' glass. All Glass Imagination products are fused together using Bullseye Coe 90 glass and firing handmade creations up to 900C and our homeware is then 'slumped' over moulds to create three dimensional items.